Wilfred Bastiani is a Dutch Psychologist/Philosopher (born in Zwolle the Netherlands, 1962) who has made an attempt to reintroduce the term “Psychosophy”.

Based on the theories of Irvin Yalom who claimed that Psychology should use and apply more concepts of Philosophy. Wilfred Bastiani does it in the opposite way and tries the implement more Psychology into the fields of Philosophy, to help the philosopher ~ so he says ~ in finding more integrated and complete answers. Therefore Henri Bergson was introduced to this process by him. Henri Bergson who was a Biologist, a Psychologist and Philosopher and contributed an important value to those fields.

Bastiani wants to empower the renaissance of the term Psychosophy by calling himself a Psycho~Sopher nowadays and by entitling his latest books with the names “Psycho~Sophy”, “Debt & Penance” and “integral holistic metapraxis”.


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