integral holistic metapraxis

Book “integral holistic metapraxis

This will be the shortest book I ever wrote, perhaps you will ever never read a thinner book about a metapraxis ~ this is the word of Will’s instead of the word “model”~ for serious organizational and~or psychological issues within organizations and our society. It is powerful because of its simplicity, universality and flexibility. The ideology and philosophy were explained, extended and written down by a somebody whose own preferential world view was “Mythic”. Who else than some other Mythic can continue building on his intellectual heritage ? Here I am. 

In former books I already appointed to this metapraxis of Will McWhinney’s and his “The 4 world views”. In my 4th book I explained and described this metapraxis, I compared it with other systems, models and even phenomena to show its power and flexibility by associating it with the features and characteristics of other systems, models and phenomena. 

In this book I describe my extended metapraxis based upon the one of Will McWhinney’s. The focus of McWhinney is directed to the culture and the problems that emerge from that point of view. I make it a broader and associate it also to Psychology, in a way McWhinney might have intended that as well ~ so far I haven’t found anything about it in his books ~ so I extended his tendency by inventing and creating them myself during dialogues with some friends of mine, who use the worked with Will. I show you the power of combining imaginatively associations resulting into beautiful Imagethoughts and views that may lead you to answers more easily.

A very important aspect of this metapraxis is that it shows the 2 cultures within groups, teams and even organizations. You cannot find out it by comprehending this metapraxis, you have to experience that with the knowledge of this book as your tool. When you are capable to recognize the primary culture and its subculture and you are well skilled to present it in an acceptable way then these issues do not actually exist anymore. That’s awareness of the situation.

That’s also implicated in the individual power of identifying them in an objective and in a subjective way, where objectivity represents the primary culture and subjectivity the subculture. Experiencing values is all about the emotions of yours. These emotions are the motor of one’s personal development that may lead you to higher levels of intelligence and consciousness. These skills empower you to deal with serious issues.

So it is about (self) consciousness. Self Consciousness emerges from Self Identification. Therefore you need an integral collaboration of all your intelligences. The better this result the less you are “fixed” to 1 of these 4 world views, so free to move, think and (re-)act. 

I am a Mythic like Will McWhinney who drives upon my intuition and inspiration. In that way this book is the result of the power of creative association. This book is about thinking out of the box, daring to cross restrictions and barriers of most logical thoughts, use of language. Dare loosen management patterns, positions and convictions. Good luck.



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